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B&B offers professional services for all types of land development, frequently beginning with assistance in locating and/or selecting the project site and performing land capacity analysis and this continues throughout your project's development.

We will assist in reaching your project's goals by providing conceptual plans, cost estimates, feasibility studies and construction drawings in a timely manner to meet the financing and regulatory benchmarks unique to each project. As part of this process, we can assist in obtaining all permits (zoning, re-zoning, land use, etc.) required for your project, including attending regulatory meetings, hearings, etc. on your behalf.

We also provide survey plats and mortgage surveys needed for the final sales closing. 

Our land planning and site development services include:

  • Development of feasibility studies

  • Assistance with inital permitting including rezoning, special use and subdivision review

  • Conceptual overall development plans

  • Detailed preliminary plans including cost estimates and impact studies

  • Final development plans including:

    • Street design​

    • Grading plans

    • Storm water management

    • Public and private utilities

    • Erosion, sedimentation and water quality plans

    • Siting individual building

    • Landscaping plans

  • Construction contract administration

  • Construction stakeout surveying

  • Construction inspection

  • Mortgage and boundary surveys

  • Water and wastewater surveys

  • Contract operation of water and wastewater utilities

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