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Since its inception, B&B Consultants, Inc. has seen continuous growth which is attributed to the firm’s commitment to responsive and responsible client interaction and professional service. Through innovative project delivery and an unwavering commitment to excellence, B&B is focused on meeting client expectations and delivering sound engineering solutions.

B&B has been providing professional engineering and surveying services in the region since 1984 when our founder, Dr. Henry M. (Mac) Bugg, Ph.D., P.E., purchased the Virginia operations of Quible and Associates, Inc., and merged it with his B&B Laboratory operations in Chase City, Virginia. 

B&B operates offices in South Hill, South Boston and Chase City, Virginia. The company, lead by partners Jimmy Epps, P.E. and Sam Carroll, P.E., provides services throughout Virginia and northern North Carolina, bolstered by an experienced team of professionals.

Today, B&B continues to thrive as a robust, multi-discipline firm specializing in civil engineering, water and wastewater engineering, site development, surveying, construction administration, and inspections.


Our vision is to always be an accessible and open-minded local professional partner, focusing our efforts to ensure the continued success of the communities and customers we serve.

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