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Streetscape design is typically associated with the restoration of urban areas to create a more attractive, comfortable and safe setting for the community and its residents. Services for these types of projects often include improvements to the roadway and pedestrian accommodations as well as the surrounding environment.

B&B understands that streetscape and roadway design requires balancing numerous areas of concentration. During design, our engineers consider a variety of elements which can be incorporated in these types of projects including, but not limited to, traffic calming, pedestrian accomodations, parking facilities, utility relocations, drainage, street lighting and landscaping.

B&B's engineering services for streetscapes and roadways include:

  • Feasibility studies and cost estimates

  • Funding Assistance

  • Conceptual and preliminary planning

  • Right-of-way platting and acquisition

  • Utility relocation

  • Roadway design

  • Storm sewer systems, conveyance channels and stormwater management

  • Assessment/redesign of sidewalks, curbs and gutters

  • Assessment and modification of environmental elements such as:

    • landscaping​

    • Lighting

    • Specialty structures and hardscapes 

    • Accommodations for bicycle and pedestrian traffic

  • Accessibility review and remediation

streetscape, civil engineering
streetscape, civil engineering
streetscape, civil engineering
streetscape, civil engineering
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